Car Care Tips

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Make Your Vehicle Last More Than Ten Years

With the right upkeep, modern cars can live for well over ten years. Making car care a priority is cost-effective compared to buying a new car. Our goal at Double A Automotive LLC is to maintain your vehicle’s dependability so that you obtain the best price and mileage.

Future-Ready Benefits of Car Maintenance

Regular maintenance helps you maintain your car’s condition longer than drivers who don’t practice automotive care, however it does cost a little in the near term. This is useful in the future when important automobile systems are still in use. Additionally, it aids in avoiding unplanned auto repairs.

If you ever want to sell your automobile, regular maintenance is also beneficial because it will result in a higher sale price than a car that receives less maintenance.

To help your car last longer, use the maintenance advice listed below.

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Oil Change & Automotive Fluids

Change Motor Oil

An oil change is a simple maintenance task that preserves fuel efficiency and keeps engine parts lubricated. By changing the oil at the suggested maintenance intervals, sludge buildup and overheating are avoided.

If motor oil is not changed, it becomes abrasive and damages metal components. You lose money by doing this, and your car lasts less time. Maintain the recommended timetable for maintenance, and your car will reward you with greater gas mileage.

Change Brake Fluid

As instructed in your owner’s handbook, replace the brake fluid. Brake fluid distributes the power from your foot pressing the brake pedal to the brakes, slowing or stopping your car. Manufacturer-recommended service intervals range from every few years to just once or twice during the course of ownership.

Brembo brake fluid may become less efficient with time or develop leaks. Make sure to have your car inspected if your brakes behave erratically.

Check Coolant

The cooling system of an engine is kept from overheating and freezing by coolant or antifreeze. Similar to brake fluid, manufacturer-specific suggested service intervals might range from a few years to a recommended check during each regular maintenance visit.

To make sure there are no leaks, keep an eye on your coolant level. If the engine temperature warning light ever comes on, there may be a problem with your coolant or the amount of coolant left in the system.

Automotive Part Replacement

Auto mechanic installing two piston brake calipers and disc brake rotor.

Replace Brakes

Throughout the lifespan of your vehicle, brake pads and rotors must be replaced. The time for this is determined by a number of elements, such as how frequently you stop while driving and the initial thickness of the rotors and pads.

Your brakes will deteriorate more quickly than they would if you generally drove on highways or country roads with few stops and you live in a city. When the brake pad has 1/4′′ or less of its original thickness, it should be changed.

A car mechanic replaces a battery during maintenance.

Check Car Battery

Car batteries typically last 2 to 6 years, depending on factors including ambient temperature, frequency of driving, and total usage. There are techniques to increase battery life for your location even though some aspects, like the environment, are beyond your control.

A few pointers for extending battery life include maintaining a clean battery, avoiding extended periods of inactivity, and remembering to turn off your car’s interior lights and headlights when it’s not in use.

Car headlight in repair close-up. The car mechanic installs the lens in the headlight housing. The concept of a car service.Installation of LED lenses in the headlight. LED lens.Restoration of optics.

Replace Headlights

On the majority of contemporary cars, manufacturers install plastic headlights covered in a protective coating. Due to oxidation, this protective film deteriorates with time, making headlights hazy and reducing visibility at night. Heat, sunlight, pollution, and harsh chemicals all contribute to oxidation. When feasible, park in a garage to reduce oxidation.

It is advised that you change the headlights in pairs. The failure or dimness of one light indicates the other is soon to follow, assuming they were both put at the same time. Having a new, bright headlight next to an old, dim one might also be distracting.

Hand of mechanic holding car air filter old and dirty with dust stains for checking cleaning and replacing new filter. Concept of car care service maintenance.

Change Air Filters

To avoid a buildup of junk that lowers engine efficiency, the engine air filter needs to be replaced. Depending on the conditions, air filters should typically be replaced every 15,000 to 30,000 miles (24,140–48280 km).

Every so often, especially if you drive in cities or dusty locations, make sure to check the quality of your engine air filter.

As advised, replace the cabin air filter. For you and your passengers’ benefit, the cabin air filter maintains the cleanliness of the ventilation air. Replacement intervals depend on a variety of circumstances, just like the engine air filter. It is worthwhile to get it checked when changing the engine air filter.

Close up hands of unrecognizable mechanic doing car service and maintenance. Oil and fuel filter changing.

Change Oil Filters

Check your owner’s handbook for the suggested intervals for replacing an oil filter. Some manufacturers advise changing the oil filter every time you change the oil, while others advise doing it every other oil change or at some other period.

Tires & Wheels

Check Wheel Alignment

To guarantee you’re getting the maximum life and performance out of your tires, check your vehicle’s alignment. When a car hits a curb or pothole, it might become out of alignment. You may require a wheel alignment to correct the camber, toe, and caster angles if you observe uneven treadwear or feel your car dragging to the left or right while attempting to stay in your lane.

Rotate Tires

By switching the positions of each tire on your car, a tire rotation increases tire life. This is carried out because the force placed on each tire by your car is not distributed equally. You maintain even treadwear by rotating the front and back tires. Rotational patterns change based on your car and its tires. By rotating your tires frequently, you can avoid having to obtain replacements at irregular intervals or dealing with performance loss because of uneven treadwear.

Driving Tips Limit Stop-and-Go Driving

Short trips waste fuel and add unnecessary wear and to automotive components. When possible, take longer routes.
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Take Care of Your Car So It Takes Care of You

To prevent costly repairs and unexpected failures, pay attention to the service intervals recommended in your owner’s handbook as well as the advice provided below. Maintaining a vehicle properly:
Keep up with basic vehicle maintenance, and if you ever have an automotive issue, be sure to stop by Double A Automotive LLC. To 1389 State 84 SW Pine River, MN 56474, Breezy Point, MN, Nisswa, MN, and nearby places, we offer a range of automobile services.
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