Wheel Alignment

Quality Wheel Alignment in Pine River, MN

Quality Wheel Alignment in Pine River, MN

Consider this: according to data, the typical car travels around 12,000 miles annually. By the end of the year, a car with a toe angle adjustment error of 0.34 degrees (only 0.17 inches) will have dragged the tires sideways for more than 68 miles!

What are the symptoms of a vehicle with incorrect alignment?

Have your vehicle checked if you notice:

How often should I have my vehicle aligned?

Observe the advice given by the manufacturer of your vehicle as specified in your owner’s handbook. Generally speaking, you should have your wheels aligned every 10,000 miles or at least once a year.

The importance of Total Alignment:

Alignment of car wheels in a car service.

Reduced Tire Wear

Premature tire wear is often due to improper alignment. A vehicle with appropriate alignment can extend tire life by thousands of miles over time. Due to poor wear, most tires need to be replaced early.

Car wheel fixed with computerized wheel alignment machine clamp

Better Gas Mileage

As rolling resistance lowers, gas mileage rises. When all four wheels are parallel and properly inflated, Total Alignment reduces rolling resistance.
Wheel alignment equipment on a car wheel

Improved Handling

Your car does it pull to one side? Do you have to turn the wheel to keep your automobile going straight all the time? Total Alignment treatment can solve several handling issues. When all of the car’s parts are properly aligned, road shock is absorbed more effectively for a smoother ride.
Professional mechanic adjusting automobile wheel alignment

Safer Driving

As part of the alignment process, a suspension system inspection is performed. This enables worn parts to be found before they result in expensive issues.
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